Found in FOLK: Magda Masano’s Simple Designs Showcase the Natural Beauty of Marble

Found in FOLK: Magda Masano’s Simple Designs Showcase the Natural Beauty of Marble
30/07/2021 Evangeline Rice
In Let's Folk

Let’s turn our attention to another amazing material used for the pieces in Magda Masano’s FOLK: marble.

Marble is one of Italy’s most emblematic natural resources. There are various reasons why marble was and continues to be such a popular stone, and why it can be found in many of the world’s most famous and revered structures, such as the Pantheon in Rome and the Taj Mahal in Agra. Some of these are its versatility as a material, as well as its durability, lustre and of course its enticing beauty. All these qualities have ensured its place in palaces, churches, and homes of the noble and rich since the ancient Greeks. In contrast, the objects in FOLK reflect a more contemporary take on how marble can be featured in our homes and everyday lives, but nevertheless intimately reflect our long-running affinity for this stone.

Marble can be found in a vast range of colours and veining. These differences owe to the compounds present when the marble is formed under intense pressure and heat, and as such we find marbles of green, black, white and pink tones among many others. The natural veining throughout the stone ensures that any object made out of marble is completely one-of-a-kind. Veining appears in a dazzling array of densities and colours, creating unique, natural textures that add visual interest to even the smallest of pieces, and the wide range of marble objects in FOLK are testament to this.

Marble Objects in FOLK

The objects in FOLK demonstrate the versatility of marble, as a strong material that can be used for structural purposes, and also its beauty as it transforms everyday objects into ones of beauty and elegance, as well as function. Because of this, a wide variety of tools are needed to carve and shape the marble into the desired form, however large or small. All the marble pieces in FOLK are designed by Magda and finished by hand with love, care and passion for the material.

One of my favourite objects has to be the Ovururu, the word I will be using from now on over the much more boring ‘egg cup’! I love the Ovururu because of their substance – made from a thick piece of marble, the contrast of the soft curved edges and finely polished surface complements the weightiness of the object perfectly.

Marble makes a great material for dinnerware, due to its durability and also its colour.
In FOLK you can find plates of all different shapes and sizes, from ones you can just about wrap your arms around and big enough to house an orchard of fruit, to those delicately small enough for your favourite Sicilian pastry. Fresh fruit and vegetables, or perfectly cooked meat against the simple yet refined texture of white marble will undoubtedly add a whole different layer of pleasure to you and your guests’ dining experience. In the dinner collection you will find circular, hexagonal and square plates; combine a mixture of straight lines and curves to create a table with distinctive visual interest, or opt for the circular designs to create a timeless and classical setting to show off your culinary skills.

By mixing and matching the colours and shapes throughout FOLK’s marble collection, you can create a bespoke collection for your home that is truly unique and suited to your individual taste. The simple, tasteful designs in FOLK’s dinnerware collection are all marble needs to be able to speak for its own natural beauty. Come and discover the fun range of marble in FOLK and kick start your marble obsession – you’ll be in good company!